Wecar FAQ

Qns: What is WECAR?

Ans: WECAR is a convenient & hassle free rental services as compared to the usual rental services.

Qns: How convenient isit as compared to the usual rental?

Ans: You can now collect and return the vehicle at the destinated nearest MRT station Multi-Storey Carpark.

Qns: What is the operating hours for WECAR?

Ans: No more usual 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM fixed collection timing, we have extended the collection timing from 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM. However, for returning on Friday it will still be the same before 2:00 PM.

Qns: Can i still come down to your office to collect the vehicle?

Ans: We will be closing our office at Block 111 Woodlands Street 13 #01-88 and shifting to Block 301 Serangoon Avenue 2 #01-328

Qns: In this case, how am i going to reserve the vehicle if i need for Weekdays / Weekend and what should i bring along?

Ans: You can choose to visit any other branches which is nearest to your location.
1) Block 301 Serangoon Avenue 2 #01-328, S(550301) - Serangoon Auto Car Rental
2) Block 348 Jurong East Avenue 1 #01-1253, S(600348) - Jurong Auto Car Rental

We require you to bring along your Original NRIC & Driving License also should you have any Employment Pass or Staff Card you may bring along, otherwise we require you to login to your CPF to verify your Employment Status.

Qns: Is there any way to make the reservation if i am not able to make it to your other located branches?

Ans: For First time Customer, you are required to head down to the nearest branches to make the first time registration, For subsequent rental, you can make the reservation soley via Bank Transfer.

Qns: Is the hirer requirement the same as per your website FAQ?

Ans: Yes. The requirement will still remain the same. The driver must be at least 22 year old and possess atleast 1 year valid class 3/3A Singapore Driving License.

Qns: For WECAR, is there any deposit required?

Ans: We do require a $100 security deposit upon registration for the first time, this $100 will be refunded back to you when you decided to terminate your account with us. There will be a refundable deposit of $300 - $1,000 per rental should you fall under these category (e.g. Self-Employed, Un-Employed, Oversea Employment, Student, NSF & Taxi Drivers).

Qns: What is the procedure to collect and return the vehicle?

For Collection

We will let you know which Floor & Lots No to collect the vehicle at. Upon reaching the assigned vehicle by us, you are to contact us either via Whatsapp/SMS/Call at 81886941. The vehicle will be unlock and the timing will start as per your reservation timing and not the unlocking of vehicle timing (e.g. Booking of vehicle on 18/12/2018 2:00 PM, but you collected the vehicle at 2:45 PM, your returning timing on the 19/12/2018 will still be at 2:00 PM instead of 2:45 PM).
1) The vehicle key can be found at the centre compartment. (We will send you a photo for you to locate the key easier)
2) Take a total of 5 Photo (Front, Left, Right, Rear & Mileage + Fuel Reading) and send the 5 photo to us via Whatsapp, if we did not receive any photo from you, we will use back the previous photo which was given to us by the previous customer.
3) Once you send the photo to us, you may drive off the vehicle. Do remember not to insert any CashCard as there will be 1 time free parking for you to exit.

For Returning

Upon returning the vehicle, kindly park the vehicle at the floor as per your collection so as for us to easily inform the next customer the collection place.
1) Take a total of 5 Photo (Front, Left, Right, Rear & Mileage + Fuel Reading) and send the 5 photo to us via Whatsapp, (IMPORTANT; if no photo was send to us again, the next customer notice there is damage to the vehicle, you will be hold liability for the damage incurred. So to avoid any of these dispute, please send us the photo)
2) Put back the key at the place you collected.
3) Let us know once the door is close, we will lock the vehicle on our end. 

Qns: Can the vehicle be driven into Malaysia?

Ans: Yes, there will be an additional $20 per dates usage for Malaysia (e.g. Rental 1 Day from Wednesday to Thursday, entering to malaysia on Wednesday and exiting on Wednesday before 12:00 AM consider $20, however if the exiting of Malaysia falls on Thursday there will be additional $20 incurred when you return the vehicle on Thursday).

Qns: Can i upgrade the standard insurance to my own comprehensive?
Ans: You are not able to use your own Comprehensive Insurance, we do provided a standard 3rd Parties Fire & Theft upon renting a vehicle from us, the Excess will be S$4,000 for Singapore & S$6,000 for Malaysia, However, you may choose to upgrade the standard insurance into Comprehensive at only $10 per dates for Local usage only or $20 per dates for Malaysia Usage. There will be a lowered Excess at S$2,000 for Singapore & S$3,000 for Malaysia also any damage incurred during the accident is covered. So your Max liability is only S$2,000/S$3,000 instead of the standard S$4,000/S$6,000 + Own Car Damages